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MWilson received their B.A. from University of California, Berkeley in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics (1990) and their Master’s in City and Regional Planning (Housing and Project Development) from University of California, Berkeley in 1999.


Since 2018, MWilson has been a member of the Housing Action Coalition (HAC) and is also on HAC’s Executive Committee. For over a decade (2013 to 2023), MWilson served as a board member for Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services (Richmond, CA), now known as Neighborhood Housing Services of the East Bay.

    For 13 years, MWilson successfully managed in excess of $250 million in completed or planned real estate developments, totaling approximately 600 housing units, including federally funded HOPE VI developments, San Francisco’s HOPE SF program, as well as locally subsidized mixed-income and BMR rate for sale developments. During this timeframe, MWilson intermediated with key local, state, and federal government stakeholders (including HUD, Bay Area housing, economic, community development, and workforce departments, and housing authorities), and foundations.
    For over five years, MWilson worked for Sedway Consulting, a San Francisco-based economics consulting firm, on numerous economic, housing and community development assignments. Services included conducting extensive market research, financial feasibility analysis, highest and best use and re-use planning efforts such as early stage market feasibility studies/due diligence for Hunters Point Shipyard, the Clinton Administration’s Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Community initiatives, and several HOPE VI projects, including Valencia Gardens, North Beach, and Potrero Terrace/Annex.
    In partnership with key project stakeholders, MWilson works to design and implement custom-tailored curriculum and learning modules on public/private projects, using the actual real estate development project as the project-based assignment and delivering a multi-month community benefits program for key project stakeholders, including BIPOC/first generation young adults. For these initiatives, MWilson identifies key stakeholders (local high school, junior colleges, and other educational institutions) as well as key area community-based programs with a commitment to BIPOC/first generation young adults. MWilson has/is currently working with several students attending City College of San Francisco, Berkeley Community College and Laney College as interns in CIWI who are also transferring to UCB to pursue architecture, civil engineering and other majors in the near future. Program examples include extensive sustainability training (in partnership with USGBC and other industry partners), workforce training programs for women interested in construction (e.g., Rising Sun/Center for Opportunity and other local programs), and partnering directly with local schools for guest speaker series, job site tours, and related engagement opportunities. In addition to their housing development work, MWilson also worked extensively and closely with community members and residents to identify community needs/local resources and new collaborations to meet the changing needs of the Bay Area’s diverse communities, including residents of numerous public housing communities throughout San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond. Over an approximately 20 year period of working extensively on large scale public housing revitalization projects, MWilson designed and implemented survey instruments to access the needs of diverse communities, conducted door to door surveys, partnered with numerous Resident Councils, convened small working group meetings with resident leaders and community members, designed field trips and other learning opportunities for residents, including youth and young adults, ESL communities, and seniors.
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